Renaming a Slider or Dropdown

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So the code I'm working with (full code below!) works, I just don't understand - on the last line, why does

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need to be a parent of

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When I take either one out or shuffle them around, the code no longer works, so it must be important, I just don't understand why. Can anyone explain? In plain English - what are those two referring to and why in that order? Thanks!!

Full code:

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var myComp = app.project.activeItem;
boxLayer = myComp.layer(1);

var dropdownItems = [
    "Item 1",
    "Item 2",
    "Item 3"

var boxLayerDropdown = boxLayer.Effects.addProperty("ADBE Dropdown Control");
var temp =;
temp.propertyGroup(1).name = "This Is My New Dropdown Name";

var boxLayerSlider = boxLayer.Effects.addProperty("ADBE Slider Control");
var temp = = "This Is My New Slider Name";
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