RenderQueue - onStatusChanged not called?

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Hello aenhancers,

i am currently working on a small script that will automatically add render items and render them - however, i need to know when each item (or the whole queue) is done rendering, so i can further process the resulting files.

I tried to set it up using the "onStatusChanged" callback - which doesn't seem to work.. it is never called and thus my function is not working.

This is my (reduced) code:

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function updateRenderstatus(renderItem) {
    if (renderItem.status === RQItemStatus.RENDERING) {
        $.writeln("Item is rendering!");
    } else if (renderItem.status === RQItemStatus.DONE) {
        $.writeln("Item is done!");
    } else {
        $.writeln("Other status..");

function startRender() {
    var renderItems = app.project.renderQueue.items;
    for (a = 1; a <= renderItems.length; a++) {
        renderItems[a].onStatusChanged = updateRenderstatus(renderItems[a]);


the "updateRenderstatus" function will do much more than just write some debug lines, but no matter what i putt in the "onStatusChanged", even alert, are not being fired.

What am i doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated.. thanks in advance!

Kind regards


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