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Hey there!
Iv'e been trying to create a script that "saves as" the project in the same name as the video in the project panel using an onClick event.
as the first step of writing the code i tried simply to save a project in a specified path like so:

app.project.save(File ("C:\Users\eliran\Desktop\Work\1.aep"))

upon running the script I got this errors message[image attached]

Could not Create File Error.PNG
Could not Create File Error.PNG (5.25 KiB) Viewed 500 times

I googled it and most result says that it has something to do with permission to write to the hard drive. I changed the permissions as suggested and got the same error.

additionally I tried running the script:
1. from Extendscript/Visual Studio Code
2. to Different AE versions
3. on Different PC
and still no luck.

Hope someone here can help me fix this.
Kind regards

Its my first post here and generally I'm pretty new at scripting so sorry in advance if something went wrong with my post.

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