Script "can't set item" on Mac osx Monterey ..?

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I am on Mac osx Monterey. Using After Effects 22.4.

I am trying to use a script called Local Hero for After Effects(using trial for now). The script is supposed map network files back and forth between network and local. Making it easy to work locally and then push the Afx file to the network and map the correct path back on the network.

BUT! it doesnt work. When it runs and tries to save a file locally I get the error "cant set item" .

It seems it or After Effects isnt allowed to set or write to disk. I have made all the settings for Afx scripts to write to disk and also in the security settings for After Effects to write to the entire disk.

When I turn off System Integrity Protection (SIP) in macOS it works. No problem. But this is not viable. It makes the whole system vulnerable.

What can I do to make "Local Hero" work and let it "set" / "write" files?

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