stagger keyframes of various layers over time

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Hi !
I need a script that will stagger selected keyframes of a sequence of layers over time.

The script should work like this:
The user will select one keyframe in each layer, and the script would stagger those keyframes accross time, by a given amount of delay. The staggering should start from the current time marker (and possibly also from original keyframe location).
In case the user selects more than one keyframe, the script will work only on the first keyframe selected of each layer.

Another possibility is to let the user choose the number of keyframe he wants the script to work on:
The user will choose a number: 1,2,3... and if for example the user chose 2, the script will stagger the SECOND keyframe of each of the selected layers.

This script should be similar to Paul Tuersley's "Stagger Selected Layers" script ( but should stagger the selected keyframes instead of the in/out point of each layer.

One of this script's potential use is for example for users using 3D Assistants ( to position layers in 3D space, but want to position the layers gradualy over time instead of positioning all layers together at the same time: the 3D Assistants let you create the appropriate position keyframes but they are all created at the current time indicator. This script will make it possible to stagger those keyframes over time !

Thank you in advance,
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Take a look at Jeff Almasol's Scooter script:
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Hi lloydalvarez,
The rd_Scooter script does not take into account all keyfrmes selected over an array of layers. If keyframes across multiple layers are selected, then it moves only the keyframes of first layer. Is there a simple script that staggers selected keyframes by a defined frame value? Thanks.

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