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I really like Jeff's "rd: Script Launcher" script for quick access to some of my more random scripts I've downloaded and made. However I'm wanting to go in a different direction based off of the code. Instead of using a UI listbox option in the res Group, I changed it to a UI DropDownList in the res Group and any where else listbox was referenced on down the code.
I also just changed the

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pal.grp.DropDownList.onDoubleClick = rd_ScriptLauncher_doRun;

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pal.grp.DropDownList.onChange = rd_ScriptLauncher_doRun;
, so the selection process in the drop down works properly with a single click.

Most of my scripts I use daily have dockable panel functionality loading them from the ScriptUI Panel folder/Window menu in AE.
However, if I launch these known dockable panel scripts from the "rd: Script Launcher" script they come up as floating palettes instead of having the extra handle option to dock them.
While that's a minor observation for my purpose here, what I'd really like to be able to do is load the folder of dockable scripts into the drop down menu like it already does now. Choose one of the scripts and have them "embed" (orientation:'stack') themselves, new panels, buttons, and all, dynamically into the res Group of the rd: Script Launcher" script docked panel that is already provided by the "rd: Script Launcher" script under the drop down menu.

What do I have to edit in the code of the potential loaded scripts to make them appear into this existing docked panel? Or do I have to edit anything?
Is there something in the way the "rd: Script Launcher" script reads the loaded scripts that needs to be changed in the code to do this?

The ultimate reasons I'm wanting to it this way is one, being neatness - to get rid of UI window clutter floating around, and second, instead of putting all of my functions/res Groups/array items from the scripts into one master script and call them from the drop down. I really need it to be modular so that a non-scripter at my work can change a few variables at the top of a template jsx script and re-save the template under another name, have it appear in the drop down menu upon refresh, and load into this docked panel.

I have been trying various ways of doing this with this script and my own custom ones but I just don't have enough scripting knowledge to get this one right. But I got the closest with this one.

ANY help is appreciated. And clarification is upon request.
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