How to render every Nth frame?

What type of scripts do you need?

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Hello again,
what is the best way to tell AFX to render only every nth frame?
Would be nice if it played back the rendered Video-file in fps/n (instead of the original fps).
-> i.e. play back 2.5 fps if I rendered every 10th frame of a PAL project

Paul Tuersley
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I'm not quite sure what you're asking. You can set a comp's frame rate to 2.5 fps and render that, or set it to 2.5 fps in the render settings. You can set RAM Preview to skip 9 frames, which in a 25 fps comp will playback at 2.5 fps. Any quicktime you rendered at 2.5 fps will be imported with that frame rate. And if you rendered as a file sequence at 2.5 fps you can use File > Interpret Footage to set the imported sequence's frame rate to 2.5 fps.
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Thanks Paul, sorry for not getting back earlier.
It's all about speed in rendering. What I want to do is simply render a preview file to quickly check a few things (like camera movement). And I don't need every frame to be in it. It is okay if the preview file just shows every 10th frame. Rendering every 10th frame makes the rendering 10 times faster. And that is what I want to achieve because I don't care if the output is choppy - it's a preview anyway.

I have found the "-i" option with aerender.exe: ... EC0B5.html
That is exactly what I need. But would be nice to have it in After Effect itself.

Thanks for any hints.
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maybe you could ask Lloyd Alvarez to add this feature to this BG Renderer script in this post:
That could be a very nice feature to his great script!


p.s.: You could find his script also here:
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