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This Preset is using A Custom Effect
How To instal:
place The 'Jorrit Schulte' Folder in your preset folder

Go into the After effects Folder, inside of 'Support Files' and open PresetEffects.xml
Scroll down to the end, and right Above </Effects>
paste the code that's inside of PresetEffect.xml (i like to hit Enter a couple of times before </Effects> first)

This Preset Splits the Red, Green And Blue Channels
i was not planning to release it, but since everybody is giving away their solutions over the past days i tought, what the hell, i post mine to...
it's not a pixelbender plugin, but a preset so it will work on CS3 and above.

i like to have much controll, so i've included some cool, but useless options :P

also, i've created a simple Script to do the setup for you.


How to use:
1 Instal The presets (it's inportant that you set the Jorrit Schulte Folder unchanged in \Support Files\Presets)

2. Place the script in \Support Files\Scripts.

3. Open AE, select your footage en go "File > Scripts > RGB Split v1.0.jsx"

if you dont want to use the script for whatever reason, you can also do the setup yourself, heres what you do:

Duplicate you're footage twice, call the 3 layers Red, Green & Blue.
and set the transfer modes of the 2 top layers to 'Add'.

Create a new Null (Inporant -->) Call the Null "RGB Split Controller"
and then you apply the Presets.

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This is what keeps Me Roling Guys! :wink:

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RGB Split v1.0.zip
1. Controller (RGB Split 1.0)
2. Red (RGB Split 1.0)
3. Green (RGB Split 1.0)
4. Blue (RGB Split 1.0)

RGB Split CS3 v1.0 (For Windows)
RGB Split CS4 v1.0 (For Windows)
RGB Split CS3 v1.0 (For Mac)
RGB Split CS4 v1.0 (For Mac)
(14.81 KiB) Downloaded 8398 times
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Is the Mac version still coming? How is it different from the PC version?
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There you go, Tho only diffrence is the Preseth Path, wich is kinna inportant,
Have fun with it :mrgreen:
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