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What type of scripts do you need?

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First sorry for my bad english I am Dutch!
I Try to made a script what can do the following thing!
When AE start I will open a script that automatically open a file from d:\ (full hd movie and length is different anytime)
When the video is imported I will be placed a image over it also full HD and called uitslag.jpg and must have the effect fast blur (and must be placed over the total length of the iported movie)
I used the code

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myEffect ="Effects").addProperty("Fast Blur")("Blurriness").setValue(80); 
( the set value must be manual and is different anytime)

Then the total must be automatically render and be saved at d:\
And AE must be closed

I have also try and edit the file: Render and Email.jsx (standard in AE) But when I run it I must first choose manual Composition >make Movie
How can I made it?
Let me know
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Hello is there no one with a sugestion or idea?

Or did I put my question at the wrong forum?
Paul Tuersley
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All of the things you're asking for can be done with a script. You may not find anyone willing to spend a few hour writing a script specifically for you, but people will be happy to help with any problems you run into writing it yourself. It's also best if you can post your current script work in progress to use as a starting point.

I posted a this script recently that shows how to add something to a render queue:

And if the effect's value needs to be different each time you could look at using prompt() to ask the user to input a value.

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