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I recently had to create a Caption- / Subtitle File for a Youtube-Video.
I already had positioned all the Text-Layers within After Effects, but there was no way to export them to an .SRT-File (which can be uploaded on Youtube).

So i found the Subtitle Import Script from Paul Tuersley, but as the name says - u only can import! Unfortunately i didn't get any response from him on my request for writing an Export-Script.

So i tried it myself - and it works (AE CS6). There is some code included vom Paul as well.

1. I build this Script only for myown - so it has not been tested very well. This is my first Script! Use it on your own Risk!
2. Select all the Textlayers in your Composition, that you want to export (The Script is searching for the In- and Outpoint of the selected Layers - so you need them to be positioned before running the script!)
3. Run the Script
4. A Textfile will be opend including everything you need for the .SRT-File. Simply save the File as .TXT and rename it to .SRT

This is very rudimental, but maybe someone has the same problem and can use / modifiy the script.
Best, Phil

Subtitle Export Script
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Wonderfull! I tried this in After Effects CC and it works like a charm. Well done!
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 I cannot do the same for "Hindi" or Devanagari Script
can you please help
in dire need
screenshot link ... d.jpg?dl=0

Please help
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Hi Need help on Exporting Hindi language Subtitle....
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RTL version - for who ever needs :wink:
use by "File"->"Scripts"->"Run script file..."

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hi, i had develop a similar script
hope you like it

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