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is a script built to parse the current projects existing render queue and let the user select which of those to send to the Muster render controller software. ... bmitUI.png

is a snapshot of the Script in action. On first run it will prompt the user to set some default values via: ... faults.png

To use: Open a project with an available render queue,( For now this script is limited to queues with 20 or less output modules.) then run the script

*Currently the scrollbar is not connected to the AvailableQueue panel. Any info about linking them so I can remove the 20 limit and scroll up and down the list of items would be hugely appreciated*

Hi again,

This is a really nice script. Its a great evolution of your previous one.

Thanks sooooo much,

Mike Thomson

:D :D :D
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I have updated the script to hopefully allow osx usage. The changes should have it call out to mrtool vs mrtool.exe and execute a bash script vs a bat file. It has not been tested on mac so please give me some feedback on how it works :) ... h_v1_1.jsx
Paul Tuersley
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I had a go at implementing your scrollbar with varying levels of success. Here's where I got up to: ...

NOTE: These scripts are only my work in progress attempts to get a scrolling UI working, so if you want to use the script you should download A_Muster_Batch_v1_1.

The first thing I tried was to create a panel that could be scrolled by using the scrollbar's onChange to alter the upper bounds of the scrolling panel. I thought that if I created a static 'masking' panel, I could move a larger 'scrolling' panel around inside it, but unfortunately the scrolling panel redraws over everything in the window. This method would work ok, but it's pretty ugly.

Make sure you have over 20 RQ items before trying these next two versions.
In this one I tried sticking with 20 rows of info, but getting the scrollbar onChange to redraw the text fields and checkboxes to make it appear to scroll. The redrawing works fine, but changing the text fields and checkboxes doesn't. The problem is with the onChange definitions and how the correct looped 'j' variable isn't being passed to the function. For testing purposes, I've turned off all the onChange's except for the checkboxes.

Because of the problems with the last version, in this one I've abandoned the looped onChange definitions and have simply coded in all 20 individually. You should find that all the render checkboxes update correctly, so in theory this version will work if you go through and define each onChange twenty times.

BTW: Due to the same issues with the Render & Shutdown script, I'm guessing this probably still doesn't work on a Mac.

Hope this is of some help.

Paul T
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Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for your hard work to create and modify these scripts. I am having trouble using them, however. I tried the 1.4 version first, but that gives me an error "Unable to execute script at line 141. undefined is not an object" FYI, I am using XP and AE6.5.

So instead I tried the original version, which fires up but I think I made a mistake when I set the defaults with the 1.4 version, because when I submit I get no activity in Muster Explorer.

How do I modify the defaults now that that window doesn't come up any more? Or could there be something else causing an issue.

I can forsee needing to modify the defaults, since we are on DHCP here so the IP of the server will change eventually.

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C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\Prefs\Adobe After Effects 6.5 Prefs.txt

search for ["Settings_SubmitToMusterPrefs"] and it will pull up the injected settings.

I have to give Paul a thanks for backing up my own tests here. No elegant / simple ways , but they do work. I would prefer to see something similar to how a multiline textbox works where once its populated past the bounds it automagically hooks up all the scroll events.
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Do v1.3 and v1.4. work only on over 20 mission-quque?

And, on 1.1 and 1.2 version, the scroll bar seems badly controlled.
Could 1.2 script has a perfect scroller or 1.4 runs under 20 mission-queue?

BTW, A_Muster_Submit_v1_1.jsx is well done work.

Thanx for your work.
Paul Tuersley
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I guess I should have made it clear in my post (I have now) that the versions I submitted (1_2 > 1_4) are purely work in progress attempts at getting the scrolling interface working.

So v1_1 is still the most current functional version.

Paul T
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This looks very cool.
I sat down with this script to see if i could maybe modify it to work with DrQueue on osx.
Well im not very experienced with this kind of scripting but i thought i give it a go.
When running the os x savy 1.1 version it seems that it still writes out a .bat file
even though im running the script from AE 6.5 on os x.
I tried to figure out the logic where the script chooses os but i cant seem to figure i out.
My idea was to just modify this script so that it writes an .sh file with the right syntax for DrQueue and then fire that of to DrQueue's SendJob.

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